System Features

This displays current news articles about butterflies and brings up a submenu that allows you to read the news about butterflies, view a list of articles about butterflies and to post new articles about butterflies. The news feature is moderated. Any new articles must be approved before they are published to the site. It may take a day or two before you see the article you've posted.
The discussion section is a forum for butterfly enthusiasts to share thoughts and experiences. Join in on a discussion by replying to users posts. Each post allows the attachment of images, and other documents that are relevant to the topic. Please note that the discussion list is moderated by system administrators. Any posts containing unfavorable content will result in the deletion of the post, and prohibition of access rights to the website for the account it is associated to.
Life List
The Life List section allows individual users to track butterflies they have seen to date. Each entry in the life list can be personally edited and updated by the user at any time. Keeping track of your personal viewings has never been easier!
Field Trips
Planning an outing to see if you can view that elusive butterfly that needs to be checked off on your Life List? Field Trips allow you to associate sightings with a date and a location. They also provide valuable data about butterfly populations all across the North American continent that scientists will use to create Hypothesis about environmental health and more. By creating and documenting your field trips and sightings you are directly contributing to the well-being of our planet!